Monday, February 18, 2008

A page from my "journey book"...

Today was an ordinary day.

There were dirty dishes that needed to be washed, floors that needed to be swept, food that I needed to make, and yet, it was still beautiful. Inside, my heart was singing, so it was easy to look past all of the mundane chores that needed completed. By the time I got a chance to sit down and think back over the day, and write....I was too tired. But I happened to stumble across this entry today that I had written some years ago in my "journey book". It seemed to perfectly say all that I have held in my heart today.


Each day is so full of memories. Moments that I wish that I could gather and hold in my hands to treasure for always. So many times they are moments simple, and homey, but with profound depth and meaning just the same. Darling Elizabeth's laugh bubbling over, Mama out on the couch not with me, but there just the same, Sarah, sweet Sarah, head thrown back, laughing for all the world to see, and Daddy his hand outstretched for mine, as if all of the hard, laborious, work that had gone into making his hands so rough, and cut, and sore, had all been proof of his love for me.

I wish that memories were photographs, to be kept, and treasured, and lingered over, so that I could remember every moment again and again. My memories are accumulated every day and become worn and dog-eared from use until new memories come to take their place so sweet and promising.

~June 1, 2006


Jane said...

Hi Emme welcome welcome to the blogger world, i just found your blog site today and i've enjoyed it thus have 2 very beautiful entries, i can't wait to see more :))
I loved the paragraph from June 1st was amazing and very wise :)
Simple time and simple momments are what make our life,, BUT life is still so beautiful and precious!

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Take care!
Stay blessed!

God bless You!

To God be all glory!

In Him, Jane.