Friday, March 6, 2009


It's been so long since I've had a moment to sit down and write anything at all for songs I sing. It's quite the understatement to say that school has kept me more than a little busy these past few weeks. I thrive on studying...but I've missed my little blog!

It was such a beautiful day today in more ways than one. Sarah, Elizabeth and I headed out on a small road-trip of sorts, driving the hour and fifteen minutes or so into our former city of residence. While Sarah & Elizabeth spent some time at my grandparent's home, I headed to the library to find a few books that I desperately need to use for several presentations (ugh!) that I am working on for a few of my classes. We really don't have a library near our home that we are able to use, so an aunt was kind enough to lend me her library card so that I could find what I need in the big, beautiful library she is blessed enough to be able to use. *sigh* I could spend hours upon hours there. Actually, I would be perfectly content to take up permanent residence. ☺ Do you think they would allow me to set up a cot in the back near the WWII section??

It was so nice to be out and about for a little while. I treasure the slow, quiet peace of our country home and, for me, there is nothing quite like our loping hills and ruddy dirt roads, but it is nice to get away for a little while and be able to experience the cheerful commotion of a "big" city.

...and when I came home? I found a letter waiting for me! Yippee! I love those days. Sadly, they have become few and far between as of late. I really do need to find some more friends who appreciate the "old-fashioned" art of letter writing as much as I do (hint, hint).

I promise that you will be seeing more of me. Amidst the "ordinary" busyness, those moments that I can spend writing small bits about my life, my loves, my to keep me inspired & grounded.

Much love,


Eleree said...

Dear Emily,

I have been wanting to reply to the U2U you sent me, ever so long ago, wanted to tell you so much, but felt, somehow, that writing you online wasn't the same. You never seemed to me like an "email" sort of person. :) I'd love to write you letters! Terribly much, actually. Your post reminded me, made me want to even more.

Much love,