Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sometimes I look at my life and wonder
what exactly it was that has made me the person I am.

* * *

Sometimes I wonder what causes me to have such empathy and deep love for those whose lives touch mine...and yet, have so very little left over for myself.

Sometimes I dance in the rain...just because I can.

Sometimes I doubt.

Sometimes, all of the time, I regret everything we'll never be able to do now.

Sometimes I believe that the small, exquisite moments throughout life almost make up for every ounce of heartache.

Sometimes I fall down more often than I move forward.

Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.

Sometimes I tiptoe around the house after Mama & Elizabeth are asleep, just so I can stand over them & make sure that they are safe, and warm, and...there.

Sometimes I ache so much it feels like I can't even breathe.

Sometimes I say "I love you" far too often. But it's only because you can still hear me.

* * *

I have no idea where my life will take me, but I
always wish to live it with abandon,
and sincerity, and faith.

That, my friends, is my deepest desire.

* * *


Clare Ryan said...

Abandon, sincerity, and faith.

If you stick to those resolves, dear heart, you'll add so much beauty and grace to the world. You already do, in so many ways.

I love you!!

Emma said...

Dearest Emily,

There are no words to say how much your words mean to me. I miss you.