Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where Emily Raves About Footwear...

Remember those two pairs of new shoes I mentioned?

*          *          *


This is a photo of one pair.


*          *          *

We fell in love the first moment we saw each other.

I mean, they may totally not be your thing.
That's your prerogative.
But right now...

I'm pretty much, basically, absolutely in love.
Nothing major.

*          *          *

I guess Elizabeth thinks they're pretty snazzy, too,
since she was the one that wanted to take a picture of them.

I mean, sheesh.

But...being the wonderful big sister I am
I gave in & let her do her thing.


*          *          *


Emma said...

Those're AMAZING. Love Love Love. Is the heel height comfortable? I don't usually wear over 3", but all the yummiest styles are really high.

Jane Ellen said...


Love. Them. <3

Kaitlyn Michelle said...

they are just---gorgeous! i will be the bold one that has to know where they came from. *laughs*

one can only imagine how much fun you must be having with the other pair!

emme said...

Emma: Yes, the height is comfortable for me! I was surprised to find that these heels are 4"...they don't feel like it! I typically don't wear shoes like this since I have trouble finding any that will stay put on my narrow heels. Since these are slingbacks with an adjustable strap, though, they work! :)

Kaitlyn Michelle: I purchased these at Payless. :) I don't ever shop there, but happened to go in & found these! said...

Beautiful shoes..And u hab got a very cute blog.