Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Emily Dislikes...

1.   Scary white legs that could potentially blind passersby & frighten small children.  I'm not naming any names...

2.   Mosquitoes, ticks, and other gross, nasty bugs.

3.   Rude, thoughtless people.  Or people who aren't meaning to be rude, but are thoughtless just the same.

4.   Not being taken seriously.

5.   Feeling ignored.

6.   Sharks, and robbers, and things that creak in the night.  And don't even get me started on crocodiles...

7.   Never fitting in.

8.   People who are far too interested in the sound of their own voice to even be able to stop for half a second & think you might have an opinion, too.  Please, at least pretend you're interested.

9.   Those awkward moments that leave you feeling like a twelve year old with gangly legs.  Seriously, I'm normally a semi-graceful person.

10.  Insincerity.

11.  Sticking out like a sore thumb.  You can't exactly hide with this hair.

12.  Ultra fake, ultra flirty girls.  Seriously,'re falling for that?

13.  Being interrupted.  I listened to your story for half an hour, can you please not make me feel silly & unimportant & listen to mine for a minute?

14.  Being my own worst critic.  Please, Emily?  Give yourself a break.

15.  Having regrets about all of the things we can never do now.  Remember the little cabin?  Remember how I was supposed to take care of you someday?  You weren't supposed to go so soon.

16.  Procrastinating.

17.  Giving in to the 5,232 fears that want to suffocate me.  Not you, Emily.  So not you.

18.  People who only try to tear you down.

19.  Saying things before I think.


Audrey said...

I can totally relate to every single one of these...

Amanda Cooper said...

I think you've covered the majority of my greatest fears, dislikes, and regrets.

Whatever happened to the idea that life gets easier as a person ages?

Carlita S. said...

"Ultra fake, ultra flirty girls"
I hear ya!

Ah, I know how the "never fitting in" feeling goes...not so much fun.

Emma said...

You make me feel braver.. :)