Saturday, March 29, 2008

Father of the Bride...

This fun, loveable film, features a young, sweet-faced Elizabeth Taylor as Kay Banks, a girl on the verge of getting married. Spencer Tracy stars as her father, Stanley Banks, who has more than a little trouble with the news that he's about to lose his "little" girl to another man.

Stanley T. Banks: You fathers will understand. You have a little girl. She looks up to you. You're her oracle. You're her hero. And then the day comes when she gets her first permanent wave and goes to her first real party, and from that day on, you're in a constant state of panic.

Stanley T. Banks: Who giveth this woman? "This woman." But she's not a woman. She's still a child. And she's leaving us. What's it going to be like to come home and not find her? Not to hear her voice calling "Hi, Pops" as I come in? I suddenly realized what I was doing. I was giving up Kay. Something inside me began to hurt.

* * * * * * * * *

Ellie Banks: Oh, Stanley. I don't know how to explain. A wedding. A church wedding. Well it's, it's what every girl dreams of. A bridal dress, the orange blossoms, the music. It's something lovely to remember all the rest of her life. And something for us to remember too.


Clare said...

Oh, I'm so looking forward to seeing this film! It's on my list of to-gets.

Spencer Tracy is wonderful... and I love watching Elizabeth Taylor. She's so beautiful.

And to all those who have made comments about my eyebrows, she proves that dark, thick eyebrows against fair skin can be lovely. :p

Mandy said...

One of my all-time favorites! So sweet and so funny. Her wedding dress is just beautiful!