Monday, June 16, 2008

It Happened One Night...

This lovable 1934 screwball comedy of sorts stars a rather young Clark Gable (with mustache intact, thank goodness) as Peter Warne, an out-of-work newspaper reporter scouting for that perfect story, with Claudette Colbert co-starring as runaway socialite Ellie Andrews.

I can't even remember the first time I saw this movie. My sister and I watched it often enough growing up and to this day it still remains a favorite. I wouldn't typically think that Clark and Claudette would be a good starring twosome, but somehow in this movie it more than works. Surprisingly, neither of them were looking forward to the filming and Claudette so disliked it--apparently, it was her most despised role--and was so sure that it was going to be a flop that they had to rush her to the Academy Awards, in a traveling suit, mind you, to accept her award for Best Actress.
Peter teaching Ellie how to "dunk"

It also was the first movie to ever win the Oscar "grand slam"...receiving Oscar's for Best Picture, Best Actor (the only one Clark was to ever receive), Best Actress, Best Director (lovable Frank Capra), and Best Screenplay.

"The Walls of Jericho"

I won't spoil the storyline for you...but this is one classic that is a must-see. The script is superb, the actors mesh so well, and there are more funny quotes than I could mention. All in all, I think Claudette Colbert was could you not love this movie?


Ella said...

Oh I can't wait to see it Emily! Theses photos are so much fun, they make me want to see it really bad! :D Hopefully we'll get to watch in the next few evenings. Oh my, the costumes look amazing!!! What fun! I can't wait to watch it to gleam from the excellent acting, screenplay, costumes, etc. I love films that are well made:). Anyway, yeah, I'm excited!

Carla said...

Oh I want to see it now!
I absolutely love old movies.

Mandy said...

I like this movie a lot! It's neat to see Clark Gable in a comedy, when I'm so used to seeing him as Rhett Butler.

Ella said...

Oh Emily!

We just watched it last night and we were all just rolling in laughter by the end! I love the "walls of Jericho" ;). What a fun, fun movie! Oh, I want to see it again:). I think my favorite character was her Father:D.

emme said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Johanna! I thought you would...☺

Isn't it such a fun movie!


Eleree said...

Mmmmm!!! WONDERFUL movie!! We loved it.:) We have yet to watch On the Waterfront, but soon.:)

I posted my book meme!!


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog the other day through a friends blog, and I must say I fell in love with it!!! I soooo enjoyed reading all your post! I love anything vintage and all the pictures you have on here....beautiful!!! I've even started a list of movies to see after yseeing your write ups about them! :) keep it up!!

~ Elisabeth

emme said...

Thank you so much, Elisabeth, for your ever so kind words! ☺

They were more encouraging than you'll know...


Anne said...

Ahhh ... as you can see, I'm going through your blog in reverse chronological order. THERE are my pajamas!