Sunday, June 29, 2008

Me, Myself, and I...

Aren't these bedrooms scrumptious?

Design inspiration from Rachel Ashwell's love-ah-ly, but oh-so-expensive site.

Elizabeth and I have shared a bedroom for the four years or so that we have lived in this house. I love her dearly, but...truthfully, we aren't the best of roommates. She doesn't care for the way I like everything put neatly away, and I don't care to see the belongings (okay, treasures) she likes to line up on her dresser or the many, many stuffed friends she like to decorate (*ahem* bury) her bed with.

A family member just recently gave us a brand new bed and dresser set they didn't want anymore for the *someday* when Elizabeth would be able to have her own room. We had been hoping to convert our laundry room into a tiny bedroom for her. She's always been longing to have her own small space, but the way things are going that wouldn't be a possibility for quite a long time.

But...Sarah to the rescue! Coming home from shopping with Mama a week or two ago, we were shocked to discover that Sarah had moved Elizabeth--bed, dresser, belongings and all--into her room. Wasn't that nice of her? Elizabeth is enjoying sharing a room with her, and likes it almost as much as if she had her own room. As for me...? I'm in heaven, simply heaven.

I'm having so much fun re-doing everything. Things are still all out of sorts, and nothing is really as I'd like to keep it...but it's ever so heavenly to have your own room! And I can still tiptoe down the hallway and into Elizabeth's room at night when she's fast asleep, and kiss her on her soft, sweet-smelling cheek. So...all's right!


Kaila said...

I LOVE those pictures of the rooms! So lovely :-) My sister and I have been sharing a room for most of our lives. Just this past week she now has her own room and so will I. I'm so excited to be decorating it and giving my own personal touch.