Monday, July 7, 2008


Debbie Reynolds

Look for the woman in the dress.
If there is no woman, there is no dress.

Coco Chanel


Carla said...

Oh i love that dress in the picture!

Ella said...

Oh Emily, that has to be one of my my favorite b&w photos of all time! It is so lovely and utterly charming..and the dress is gorgeous! It reminds me of the vogue pattern you're planning on sewing, it's 50's style right?

Oh, do tell me who the lovely Debbie Reynolds is. Perhaps an actress, or model? (Please forgive my ignorance but I can't seem to place her) Does she play in a movie?

emme said...

I thought this dress Debbie Reynolds is wearing looks almost exactly like the vogue pattern I'm making, too...I've loved this photo for a long time and had been hoping I could find a pattern for one like it! Actually, my working on my pattern was what inspired me to post this photo! ☺

Debbie Reynolds is a movie star. She starred in Singin' in the Rain opposite Gene Kelly and many other movies from the '50's & '60's.

Isn't she adorable?

Ella said...

Ah! I thought I vaguely recognized her:). She is so adorable! I loved her in "Singing in the Rain". Would you perhaps know of any other films she plays in that would be worth watching?

...yes, yes, we always come to your blog for movie inspiration. That is, b&w movie inspiration;). hehe.

Thank you for telling me all about it! It's such a beautiful photo!

emme said...

Yes, I do know of several others!

"Tammy and the Bachelor" is a cute movie co-starring Leslie Nielson, and "Mary, Mary" was cute and enjoyable, too.


Eleree said...

Oh!! She's soooo lovely!! I do like that dress too. :) She was so good in Singin in the Rain.


Shannon said...

Beautiful woman, beautiful dress, beautiful picture! :) Not to mention a very clever quotation!

Yours in Christ,