Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Meme...

Clare tagged me for this meme. It was fun carefully choosing my answers, but quite perplexing at the same time...there are so many things you could put down!

I tried to stay as clear from her answers as I could...but I've noticed that quite a few similar thoughts have snuck into my finished meme. It couldn't be helped, they were exactly my own. I have a sneaking suspicion that she and I just might be kindred spirits in more ways than one.☺

I am: passionate, shy, inspired, creative...and in love with life.

I think: deep thoughts about everything. Life is filled with so many beauties; so many complexities.

I know: that I am a beloved child of God.

I have: a strange love for musty old books and magazines, black and white photos, classic movies and actors, world war short, everything vintage.

I wish: I knew exactly what path to take--which decision to choose.

I hate: pride, talking on the telephone to strangers, mosquito bites, and thoughtless people.

I miss: my childhood. But, I look forward to learning, seeing, and growing more, and becoming comfortable in my own skin.

I fear: the deaths of those I love.

I feel: deeply over little and big things alike.

I hear: the soft voices of my mom and sister, the loud chattering of the small children we have visiting us, and the whir of a fan by my ear.

I smell: french toast.

I crave: a good browse in an antique store filled with old books.

I search: for scrumptious yarn to make something lovely with, the knitting needles I supposedly own, which must have been eaten by my bedroom, ice cream I'm hoping is in the freezer, and that perfect pair of shoes.

I wonder: about so many things. I often lie awake at night with the covers pulled up to my chin...thinking on things that have puzzled me or struck me as being beautiful.

I regret: doubting myself so much.

I love: my family, my God, ice cream, letters, big sunglasses, walking in the rain, old movies, astronomy, and long words.

I ache: inside over beautiful things.

I am not: the first one up in the morning.

I believe: in always standing up for what is right.

I dance: when no one is looking.

I sing: all the time. I sing Elizabeth to sleep, when I'm in the shower, when we're driving in the car, when I'm cleaning...

I cry: over sad movies and beautiful things.

I don't always: do what I mean to.

I fight: for what I believe is right. I'm very shy and I won't usually stand up for myself...but don't try to push around my family, young children, or others in my presence. Mama doesn't call me her little "spit-fire" for nothing!

I write: about what is close to my heart.

I win: the game Pacheesi nearly every time I play.

I lose: everything I'm looking for. I lose my lipstick, sunglasses, scribblings, and every important paper...I'm much too busy thinking those deep thoughts. I know I'll find what I'm looking for...eventually.

I never: can have enough books to read.

I always: have one idea or another in the back of my mind.

I confuse: myself. And others...I think. I can explain things so well when I am writing them down, but if I have to explain something to someone face to face (who isn't in my family) my shyness overtakes me and my words don't seem to come out as I mean them to.

I listen: to the whisperings of my God in my heart.

I can usually be found: at home with my family, with a book or knitting project in hand, or a piece of paper I'm madly scribbling on...and continuously losing.

I am scared: of heights, scary movies, spiders, and...that's why I have a big sister. ☺

I need: to be loved.

I am happy about: capturing an elusive word.

I imagine: so many things, all day long. Stories, movies, makes work go faster and life more interesting.

I am wearing: an old, comfortable, pair of blue jeans and a gray t-shirt. Un-lovely, but perfect for scrounging around the house in.

I look forward to: the "someday" when some of my dreams may come true.


Mamselle Duroc said...

You and I sound like such kindred spirits, Emily!

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who wears jeans and trousers on 'lazy days.' ;)


Eleree said...

Oh my... you always describe things PERfectly! I feel like copying this to a document on my computer just to reread it over and over again. So many of the things you said I could have put too.:) Mmmm.... Isn't life lovely?


Me said...

You write gently about what is close too your heart.

Mandy said...

What wonderful thoughts!! You and I are a lot alike, I think, but I can never express myself so well as you do. :)

emme said...

Thank you ever so much, everyone, for your kind words...


Shadelle said...

We were meant to be friends.... or at the very least, I was meant to find your blog. :) cant wait for you to continue posting! :)