Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Excuse of Sorts...


I've done it again. Or rather life has.

I've meant to post. I really, really have, but everything has been topsy-turvy of late and the joy of blogging has been one of the first things to go on the back burner. As sad as it makes me feel (☺) to see just six measly posts for August, that's all that Time has really allowed me. School and a multitude of projects for that have kept me busy; Mama, poor thing, has been in the hospital again suffering from kidney stones and just yesterday had surgery; Elizabeth recently celebrated her eleventh birthday and planning for a party, shopping for gifts, etc., has made life rather hectic. An aunt was so very, very kind to take over the party for us (always family only) and have it at her house when Mama was in so much pain and in the hospital. She made all of the food and cake and was so nice to ensure that Elizabeth would still have a lovely day. Twice before Mama was in the hospital on her birthday...and my aunt wanted to make sure that she wouldn't have sad memories on another day. Such a blessing!

I'd better go for now. I'm going to try to keep posting regularly...I really am. (Notice I said try! ☺) I have lots of posts planned and book reviews, lovely vintage photos, and more glimpses into my simple, simple life...

So be sure to drop by and visit!



Me said...

What a wonderful aunt! I bet she is a blessing to your entire family.

Maybe when winter settles in life will be less hectic?

Eleree said...

Hello again!:)