Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stretching My Legs...

I've been finished with school for exactly two days and I'm already enjoying this "new" sense of freedom to the utmost. I've been so very, very tired these past few weeks of just sitting. Sitting for classes, sitting to study, sitting to write those oh-so-important last papers. I haven't been able to help feeling as if I've been sitting my entire spring away. If I could have only figured out how to memorize the various geopolitical tensions of East Asia while clipping along at a brisk jog...I would have been happy. ☺ You can't imagine my delight at realizing that I finally have the time to walk, walk, walk to my heart's content.

Our dusty dirt road is a long slim ribbon stretching before me as I walk across this beautiful patch of God's blooming green earth. And each night, as I stumble hot and tired up our long stone drive, I am so thankful to be young and alive with two good matter how much they hurt at that moment.

I'm trying to keep up my four mile a day streak. I'm on the third day so far...a jump up from the two miles I had been walking. And for a girl that's been sitting all spring...I don't think that's half bad.


Wendy said...

Four miles a day is wonderful! Exercising among the beauty God has created for us is such a great way to enjoy being released from those last restless days of a school year.

I'm so glad you're doing well, it's so nice to see another post from you!