Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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"I've often been accused by critics of being myself
on-screen. But being oneself is more
difficult than you'd suppose."

Cary Grant


Carla said...

Ahhh, so very true. It really is much more difficult than one thinks to be oneself ... They say "just be yourself and everything will be OK" Not true. Although it's better to be yourself, you'll probably go through more trials since the world is constantly working against who you are....

Sorry for the rant! I love Cary Grant.

emme said...

Don't be sorry...I love rants. :) And Cary Grant.

And I agree with you. I always find that I have so much trouble relating to peers. I'm always too, too different. Not that that's a bad thing...but it does make things quite difficult. :)

Carla said...

I completely understand! I will even admit to sometimes conforming to things I don't want to conform to just for the sake of being able to better relate with the majority. But lately I've been trying really hard to change that because it's actually a really special thing to be different. The world needs people like that. But, I think one can get lonely and thus, one tries to be someone else in order to fit in.
Ah, life! So interesting.

Miss Jen said...

Wow~ what a quote! :)
I love you, dear... thank you
for your sweet, kind thoughtful
note on 'Blessed Femina'!
*hugs* Prayers and Blessings.

Isiah 40:31

Love~ Jen

Jane Ellen said...

Hm. Very insightful.

I'm glad to have this blog-world where there are others who struggle in the same areas I do! What a comfort!