Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Kitten, Two Kitten...

Elizabeth Taylor

We have a new batch of kittens--the first in a long time--that are exactly one week old today. There are five of them and we're pretty sure there are three girls and two boys.

We've never really been cat people in our grandfather has always hated cats...I mean hated cats, so growing up my dad, being the typical boy and wanting to be just like his daddy, hated cats too. It wasn't until we moved here to our small farm and got a few of our own outdoor cats that he realized how nice they can be. I would still say we are dog-people, but I do really love my kitties. There's just something about a week old kitten that crawls right up into your heart just can't help liking the sweet small things.

You'll have to help me think of some ideas for names for them. Right now they are nameless...and even though I'm not sure which ones or how many we're going to keep, I just hate the thought of it. *smile* We've had such a wide variety of names for our cats over the few years we've been here we've just about run out of ideas at the moment. We've had half-way normal sorts of names like Willum (and his namesake, Wilhemina), to the down-right silly ones like CryBaby, to the whimsical, taken from a beloved childhood storybook, Violet Pickles...

Do you have any suggestions?


Mamselle Duroc said...

We've always been dog-people, too. My dad really, really does not care for cats.

Unfortunately because of how we're situated we either have to have indoor cats or outdoor cats that don't make it very long. We had an indoor cat, the sweetest little thing when he was a kitten, but he grew up to be a grumpy, sour, mean indoor cat. Suffice it to say that we're not doing indoor cats any more.

And outdoor cats? Our environment wouldn't be friendly to such little things, and we know we'd lose them very often, and it would really be too tragic to bear.

So, no cats. But when we visit our friends who always have an abundance of kittens, we can just sit in the garage for hours and play with those sweet little things. Dogs are faithful and loyal and wonderful, but they don't have the sweet, big-eyed look that kittens do.


Eleree said...

I must admit I'm more of a cat person, not really an animal person at all, but if I had a pet, it'd be a cat or a bird. Ironic isn't it?:)

Hmmm.... I LOVE naming them though! So much fun, like naming a character for a story. :)


Amy said...

I came back to show my sister Julia some of your posts, and realized I skipped this one earlier! I definitely agree that dogs make better indoor pets, and cats aren't our family's favorite. However, once we moved to the country and discovered Kitty, our first outdoor cat, we decided that outdoor cats are okay, and kittens are adorable!

Trouble, Kitty's only surviving daughter, just had a litter of four - 2 boys and 2 girls. We usually have a theme with their names, so the boys are Captain and Commodore (Cap and Como for short), and the girls are Scrim and Shaw!

All our calicoes have been named Pixie, and Trouble's first litter had names such as Jinx, Puck, and Sprite. Then Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy were in the last litter, and they sort of matched!

Julia suggests looking in the Thesaurus for ideas. . . yeah. It sounds kind of weird, but you can get some neat ideas!

emme said...

How interesting, Amy! I always love to hear names other people have chosen for the pets (or children, for that matter ☺) and you and Julia have surely chosen some interesting ones! I love unique names...

Yes...I have to admit finding ideas in the Thesaurus *does* sound a bit funny, but sounds like something my sisters and I would totally do! Ha!