Thursday, May 29, 2008

War Posters...

I stumbled across these lovely posters from World War II the other day and I thought you might enjoy seeing them as much as I did. These are all aimed towards the women left behind and cover a wide variety of topics, from keeping up the morale of deployed soldiers to getting a war job, and I have to say, they certainly have me convinced! *smile*

Isn't she lovely? The look on her face is perfect and I really like her blue uniform.

It's probably the romantic in me talking, but don't you just love the scene depicted in this poster?

This is my definite favorite out of the bunch.
I think they perfectly captured an ideal American woman of the time.
Beautiful, patriotic, faithful, and hardworking...what more could you want?
(And don't you just love her red scarf?)

I enjoyed seeing this poster from the Ladies Auxiliary, promoting letter writing to keep up the morale of the soldiers. I treasure war letters (especially those from WWII) and since I enjoy corresponding with a few of the modern day counterparts to these American military men, this poster was doubly special to me.

This is terrible...but something about the phrasing of this poster makes me want to giggle! Can't you just hear them reading this in a husky, dramatic tone?
I really like this one, except for the fact that the women look almost exactly alike except for their hair. Were they supposed to, or was the artist just a bit on the unimaginative side?


Mamselle Duroc said...

Thanks so much for sharing those, Emily!


Mandy said...

I really enjoyed seeing these! My favorites are the first two -- the expressions on the peoples' faces convey the messages so well.

Eleree said...

Emily! My goodness, where in the world do you find such things? What fun!! I LOVED looking at them.:) I liked the second one best.


Amy said...

I LOVE vintage war posters! My sister Julia and I have a whole folder full of them on the computer! Thanks for the inspiring post. . .

emme said...

Thank you, Amy! I love war posters, too...actually, what *isn't* there to love about the
'40's? ☺