Sunday, February 24, 2008

A "Jonah" Day...

Nothing seems to be going quite right today. There isn't exactly any one thing that is wrong, but a lot of little things that added up seem to make up something quite big. I wish that I wasn't feeling this way. But...I am.

I suppose we all have "Jonah" days. When everything we touch seems to break, or crack beneath our fingertips; when everything we say doesn't come out quite the way we meant it to; when the dinner burns, you oversleep, the car breaks down, you say something terribly awful to someone you love, and you accidentally leave your new book outside in the rain. You know how it is... Sometimes it seems like nothing nice will ever happen again. That the day will go on forever and that you will never forget all of the mistakes that you have made.

I'm so thankful that I can wake up each morning and start a new day, completely different than the one before. I'm so thankful to remember that nice things will happen again, that even though things may be really tough right now, there's always promise for tomorrow. I'm even thankful that I have a Jonah day every once in a while. It keeps me remembering to be glad for all of the good days sandwiched in between.

My life is hard right now . And I probably have some very good reasons to be blue, but I want to be able to push past all of that and be able to remember who I am and what I stand for. It's silly to be grumbling when there are so many people who are less fortunate. I want to remember to concentrate on how very blessed I really am.

And in my experience, that's one of the fastest ways to feel better.