Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Journey Begins...

It does seem a funny thing to post the private thoughts of my soul here, where anyone can read and critique as they wish, but for one reason or another, I had a desire to send out my small shout into this great, big world; to let someone, somewhere, know that I'm here, that I'm still me.

I may not write about anything earth-shaking or revolutionary, I may not write about anything that is even remotely interesting to anyone else, but I do know that if I don't stop amidst the helter-skelter of my life and take the time to scribble down anything and everything that has meant something to me, someday I'll be sorry. Time flys by so quickly, and before I know it, things that were so beautiful and right one day, are forgotten amongst the busyness of the next.

Someday I'll realize that my life, no matter how small, has meant something. That the things that I felt, and thought, and experienced, weren't small, insignificant things to be forgotten, but all took a part in the making of...well, me...and they thereby have a right to be remembered.'s where I begin. The road may get a bit bumpy, but it seems like all of the interesting ones are.


diego abelenda said...

Welcome to the blogger's world and good begin!!

Anonymous said...

I've considered starting a blog, and I think your post just moved the scales of starting one a little more into favor of it:)

snowdrop said...

Beautiful blog! You're off to a great start!
I dropped by via Etsy!

Chantel Harding said...

This post made me shiver, because it echoed something of my own heart.

The Road does get bumpy sometimes, but the bumps are only to make us a little stronger, and better, in the end. :)

Bless you,