Monday, February 25, 2008


I plan on posting pictures and quotes from all of the movies that I love, but I had to start with this one because it is my very favorite film. I've never watched another movie that touched me as much. It encompasses so many different types of people, and so many different emotions, and is the most "real" and beautiful "love story" I have ever seen.

You know, I seen you a lot of times before. Remember parochial school out on Paluski Street? Seven, eight years ago? Your hair, you had your hair, uh...

Edie: Braids.

Looked like a hunk of rope. And you had wires on your teeth and glasses and everything. You was really a mess.


Clare said...

On the Waterfront is a beautiful movie... one of our family favourites!

emme said...

It's nice to find someone else who appreciates it, Clare! I've visited you lovely blog before, and I know I'll be back to read more. : )

AmeliaB said...

Hmmm...I've seen the start of this movie on TCM I believe but was always slightly scared it would turn into something "weird" you never can tell with TCM. :) Does it start out with the main character walking on a dock and then going into a bar (or dinner)? I'm a little fuzzy on the movie. I will give it a go though soon. :)

emme said...

Ha! I know what you mean, AmeliaB! You can't always tell how they're going to turn out!

But, yes, that is how On the Waterfront starts out. I'm not exactly sure what your standards for movies are, but there is a point where my sister and I will glance away (it doesn't actually "show" anything, I don't think...but, it does have a moment of violence and tragedy, when one of the characters is killed).

Thank you for visiting! This is my first blog, and it's so much fun finding new friends. :)

AmeliaB said...

Oh my standard is conservative in thought but not as much in content. Let me explain: I'll watch a movie any movie with little-moderate bad content for the following reasons:

1. The content is historical (swearing in a inner-city film, documentary, violence in a movie about a war, etc.)

2. The particular content doesn't effect me as much (such as language )

I WON'T watch a movie if:

1. The content is just their for the sake of shocking the audience (ex. most horror films and some movies that are modern films such as Borat or one that is VERY anti-God)

Any way I think that sounds fine! I'll get it out from the library soon! :)

emme said...

I think you'll really enjoy it, then, Amelia!! Some of our friends and our Mom don't quite seem to "get" why my sister and I love this movie so much, but if you can appreciate other classics I'm sure you'll enjoy this one as well. : )

Do let me know what you think when you get a chance to see it! : )