Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Second of August...

I was so tired last night that I fell asleep almost as soon as we got home from visiting at my grandparent's house all day. I meant to post, I really did, but before I knew it I was out like a light...with L.M. Montgomery book in hand. ☺

We were roaring along the bumpety roads towards home in our old, beat-up, gray car just as the "dim" was settling. For some reason I always write better when it is nighttime. Thoughts and words come rapidly into my head and I am always sent scrabbling for a scrap of paper and pen in the over-stuffed bag I always carry with me (who knows when you might need a book...or six!). Could anything be more beautiful than a country night? A country night driving? The world is starting to settle into slumber...the first shimmering stars are coming out...lights in strange houses slowly blink out one by one, except for the occasional night owl who's light is still on...with the wind swooping down on your cheek like a kiss through the open car windows.

I've always loved taking drives. I love to feel the wind against my face and running through my hair...even if I do look like a wild woman when we reach where we are going. ☺

It's the beginning of August and the cicadas have returned. Ever since I was small I've loved to close my eyes and listen to their loud, melodic sound. When we were little we would find them by the dozens in the trees in our "forest" in the backyard. We loved to see how they would shed and leave their crispy "shells" behind them still clinging on to the bark.

It was a lovely night to be out driving with my family. Especially with the green hills of home looming up against a pearl grey sky tinged with pink. Could anything be lovelier?


Ella said...

Oh Emily! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing, I loved reading each word! You are just like Emma, reading your writing makes me either feel like I was there and desparately wish I was! =)

Love you:).


Eleree said...

Oh Emily!! I'm sure nothing could be lovelier!! That's so funny you carry a big bag with "who knows when you might need" items. I do too!! I love big bags to fit all my things in, my books and my notebooks and my fountain pen. And, funny thing, I write better at night too.:) Maybe it's the combined efforts of the day that all come together at night and make you ready to scribble away.

Love you!!


Julia Marie said...

Oh, my family does country drives, too! We used to call them "nugget rides" because we'd get McNuggets on the go for dinner. (Never did like them much myself...:)
Last year when I was getting all my hours on my driving permit, my Dad and I would often drive to the lake on Sundays and walk around on the docks - so much fun!

Me said...

Ever since I was small I've loved to close my eyes and listen to their loud, melodic sound.

Me too.

I always listen for them and always share with my husband when they begin their singing. It is an essential part of summer to me.

And then when the crickets come out and start their songs and the sunlight grows golden and floats in on angles rather than beating down on our heads...

It is a beautiful season.

Amy said...

I love going on country drives, too! Only in our big 15 passenger van our family's ride is probably bumpier than yours!! :)