Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Meme...

Carla tagged me for this meme...

The Rules:

1. Copy the questions and post the answers on your blog.
2. Tag four people and let them know that they've been tagged.
3. Let the person who tagged you know you've posted the meme.

1. What are your nicknames?

Ooh...really too many to count! Lets see...Em, Emmy, EmEm, M&M, and Annie (don't ask), among others, and one extra-special, classically-ridiculous nickname my Daddy dubbed me with...which shall remain...a secret. ☺

2. What TV game show or reality show would you like to be on?

I don't think I would ever care to be on a game or reality show. But I have always wished that I could star as an extra or a bit part on some of my favorite classic television shows. Can't you just see me in the background...that girl jumping up and down and wildly waving her arms because she actually made it onto I Love Lucy??

*sigh* Born too late...

3. What was the first movie you bought in VHS or DVD?

I don't believe I've ever bought myself a movie. All of the movies I own were given to me.

4. What is your favorite scent?

I love how the earth smells right before it rains, with the tension and crackling of lightning filling the air; the smell of tomato plants and brand-new yarn; warm cookies baking on a cold night; Elizabeth's fluffy little head of curls right after a shower; and walnut & vanilla cream body spray. Mmm!!

5. If you had one million dollars to spend only on yourself, what would you spend it on?

I have always longed to travel, so I know that is one thing that I would love to spend the money on, but I would also love to buy a zillion lovely, vintage books, old movie magazines, and all sorts of vintage clothes.

6. What is one place you've visited, can't forget and want to go back to?

Truthfully, in my whole life I haven't ever traveled far from home. A few trips to nearby states to visit family, one trip to one town in Georgia (but we basically lived in our hotel room, so that doesn't count), and two trips to Nags Head, North Carolina. My dream travels have been much more exciting...! I'd love to travel to so many places...I have a running list! I'd also love to be able to meet a few of these, here, here, and here!

7. Do you trust easily?

Yes, though I've grown out of it a bit as I've grown older. I've discovered how hard it can be to have a naturally trusting nature; it's easy to get hurt because of it.

8. Do you generally think before you act, or act before you think?

A bit of both. I'm probably both extremes. Anyone can tell you that I tend to way over-think and analyze things at times, but I can also be very spontaneous!

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?

Certainly. I doubt there will ever be a time in anyone's life where there isn't some small unhappiness that lingers somewhere nearby. The key is to trust in God and keep focusing on every small bit of joy in your life.

10. What is your favorite fruit?

I don't really have a favorite fruit. I love nectarines, clementines, grapes...etc., etc., etc.

11. What websites do you visit daily?

I don't visit all of these everyday, but quite often...A Banner of Crimson, I Have Loved the Rain, Starlight Musings, Those Northern Skies, and S&S Forums. I'm always on the search for new favorites, too!

12. What have you been seriously addicted to lately?

Baskin-Robbins Mocha Cappuccino Blast. Oh, so heavenly! But just because I'm addicted does not mean that I can/do purchase it. I need to be saving for more lasting items in my life...more's the pity.

13. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?

Elvis Presley's, In the Ghetto. Haunting, soulful, and oh-so-lovely! This song always makes me cry, especially at the...And his Mama cries...As her young man dies...bit.

14. What is your favorite thing to wear?

Something classic..something that makes me feel lovely and wonderful.

15. Do you think Rice Krispies are yummy?


16. What would you do if you saw $100 lying on the ground?

I would try to see if the owner was someone nearby...then I suppose I would give it to my mom for groceries.

17. What items couldn't you be without during the day?

Dreams, my family, books, and my imagination.

18. What should you be doing right now?

Scrubbing up the kitchen post-cherry pie baking.


Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

I couldn't be without my dreams either. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Carla said...

Thanks for sharing, this was fun to read :).