Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fashion Vintage: Winter Wear...

Inspired by the winter weather, I hunted down some good old vintage fashion flair to help keep me warm on these icy cold nights. There's nothing quite so nice as inspiring cold weather attire to put one in the mood for the holidays!

So whether you imagine yourself skating in the park, window shopping with good friends, or heading out to that glamorous holiday bash in one of these delightful ensembles...hang on to your hats! They're simply delicious!









Mandy said...

Love it!! 1952 especially.

Carla said...

Beautiful! I just looove vintage fashion.

Where do you get all your amazing vintage pictures?

Laura said...

Stunning!!! I love winter fashion - especially VINTAGE winter fashion. ;)

Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Lovely! That hat the gal in the last picture is wearing is so very pretty... and who doesn't love a pillbox hat like in the first picture? Thanks for sharing!

Elisabeth said...

I love that red cape from 1948 - it looks so warm and very holiday-ish!

Jane Ellen said...

Oh! How often do I wish that modern fashions would go back to hats and gloves! Thanks so much for sharing!

Rejoicing in His goodness,
Jane Ellen

Wendy said...

Gorgeous! I love vintage fashions. What I wouldn't give for a red coat like that 1948 model, or the dress/gloves/pearl choker combination from 1952...

charmaine said...

i just want to say, your blog is absolutely FABULOUS! i love it! i just love all things vintage. post after post is just vintage eye candy. i can't say which post is my favorite!

God Bless,

Hi! I'm Kirsten... said...

Ooohh! I just adore these! I have a fur trimmed black sweater that is vintage, which my mum and I share. It's my favorite Christmas outfit when paired with my vintage double pearl strand necklace :-)

Laura said...

'ello Emily! I love my new background too. ;) I tried about 10 before this one. Twas just what I wanted. *happy sigh*


Maggie said...

Thanks for the stop by my blog. I am still getting used to the glasses, but I think they will work out. My parents really like them.

I also really like the 1948 style of keeping warm in the winter.

Have a Great Day!

Elizabeth said...

Love the fashions.

I wish hats would come back in, especially those little stylish ones from the 50s and early sixties. I feel a little cheated that my mother's generation got to wear hats and gloves, but our generation spurned those things -- unless you were standing in six inches of snow or skiing, which seldom happened in my Southern town. LOL. Oh well, we can take the lasting principles of style and apply them to what's popular now, I suppose. But, I do adore those vintage photos!!
(Project Home Economics: A One Year Course).

The Editrix said...

Very nice, Emily!