Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...


Sarah, Mama, Elizabeth and I, just made it to our little white township building to cast our votes for 2008's Presidential election!

Our little gray car broke down on my mother as she was headed to a doctors appointment in town...which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from our home. I was so disappointed that I would most likely not be taking part in one of the most important rituals of American history. But...Mama arrived home just in time! We three girls ran out to the car, me, with a plate of dinner in my hand for Mama.

I don't know about you...but as I cast my vote, shivers raced up and down my spine. How fortunate we are to live in a free nation where we can live out our lives to our choosing, read what we desire to read, speak the thoughts that we wish to express. As alien as it seems, do we remember the many, many people in other nations who aren't blessed enough to have these same rights that we often take for granted? Do we remember the people who have fought and died that our country may stand thus today with its liberties and freedom?

I am keenly disappointed in my heart by the fact that--unless a miracle happens--the candidate that I voted for isn't going to win. I suppose I need to remember that as disappointing as that will be to me, and as unfortunate as it will be for our great country, life will go on. It always does. Whether or not God is acknowledged or respected in the hearts of our nations leaders...God will still reign.

"Sometimes one pays most
for the things one gets for nothing"

Albert Einstein


Me said...

God's will reigns...

He has it under control despite how it seems to us.

Wendy said...

Well said, Emily.

Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog last week, it was nice of you to stop by!